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Worker Gen4 Stefan Short Darts Refill 100pcs

Worker Gen4 Stefan Short Darts Refill 100pcs

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The Worker Gen4 Stefan Short Darts Refill 100pcs is designed for maximum performance, with its precise design improving accuracy, speed, and distance of your shots. Made for use with flywheel nerf blasters, this lightweight dart also features a unique grip and design to give your blasters an extra edge.


- The precise design of the worker gen4 darts will ensure its practicability and high performance, allowing for faster, further, and more accurate shots.
- Perfect for flywheel nerf blasters.
- Lightweight design and grip to help hold for stable shots, make your foam blasters looks cooler.


Brand: worker
Model:  Stefan Gen4 Short Darts
Material: EVA
Package Weight: 132.54g
Length: 38mm

Product size (mm):150*150*50mm
Packing size (mm): 200*200*60mm


100x Worker Gen4 Short Darts

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