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TriggerToy is built by a small team,they are gel blaster enthusiates who are kind and responsible.We treat everyone nicely and want to give a great shopping experience to you cause we know credit and kindness are vital.Everyone should be treated nicely!

Why TriggerToy?

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It's awful when you need help but there is no service in that shop.
We are nice and have good communication manners.

You can leave a message from
1:00-11:00 & 18:00-24:00 (GMT-5)
We will give a quick reply:D

Newest Update

We are close to the gel blaster factories.And you will know the newest arrivals of gel blasters on triggertoy.com

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Gifts and Discount

TriggerToy is glad to offer extra gifts to our beloved members.We appreciate your happiness and trust:D

We will build our community soon as our buyers are growing,free gel blasters will be sent to our returned customers.

Informative blogs

This will help if you want to know more about gel blasters.We are all enthusiates!
We update the newest blogs about gel blaster unboxing,reviews,gel blaster comparison,mechanical structure info,maintainess,gel blaster parts update,news,etc.