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TriggerToy ZY M249 Gel Blaster

TriggerToy ZY M249 Gel Blaster

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The M249 gel blaster is a duplicate of the M249 light machine gun, which is employed by numerous armed units worldwide.

Gel blasters are non-lethal guns that use compressed air or springs to propel soft gel pellets.

The M249 gel blaster looks and feels like a real handgun, but it fires gel balls composed of water-absorbent polymer that explode on impact, making them safe for recreational usage.

The blaster often has a full-auto shooting mode, a large magazine capacity, and a realistic design that resembles the genuine M249, including details like a retractable stock, a front grip, and a carrying handle.

Because of their realistic appearance and engaging gameplay without causing serious harm, these gel blasters are popular in recreational gaming and skirmishes.


Brand: ZY
Color: Black
Firing Modes: Electric
Material: Metal + Nylon
Weights: 3500 g


FPS: 220-240 FPS
Shooting range: 20-25M

Package Includes:

1* ZY M249 Gel Blaster
1* Mag
1* Battery
1* USB Charger

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