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TriggerToy ZWQ Fire Rat S200 Foam Blaster

TriggerToy ZWQ Fire Rat S200 Foam Blaster

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The zhenwei s200 fire rat foam blaster is an originally designed toy gun that has a cool-looking and powerful performance, it's upgradable and uses Stefan short darts.

- Manual action reload with last round hold-open feature.
- Compact design, it's one of the smallest nerf pistols. length: 233mm, height: 188mm, width: 43mm, front height: 61mm.
- Ergonomic grip, injection molding made grip with high technique, increase the comfortability.
- Pull back distance is only 55mm, very effortless
- With top and bottom 20mm rail, can mount with tactical accessories.
- With integrated front & rear fiber sights.
- With metal cylinder and metal inner barrel.

Material: nylon
Color: various
Cylinder size: 65*30mm (inner dia: 28mm)
Inner barrel size: 135*16mm (id: 13mm)
Weight: 500g
Size:  23.3*18.8*4.3cm

Shooting range: 10-12 meters
FPS: 110-130

Package included:
1x zwq s200 dart blaster
1x original nylon mag
10x half-length foam darts

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