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TriggerToy UDL SPAS-12 Foam Blaster

TriggerToy UDL SPAS-12 Foam Blaster

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This UDL SPAS-12 Foam Dart Blaster is a 1:1 replica of the real spas-12 shotgun. Built with metal and nylon, it simulates the shell ejection process of the original for a realistic feel. It has a foldable butt stock and tactical rails for a better grip and maneuverability in close-quarter scenarios. With an ammo capacity of 5 darts and a firepower of 100 FPS.


- This UDL Spas-12 foam blaster gun is made of metal and nylon, the manual pump action simulating the shell ejection process of a real spas12.
- The model is restored according to 1:1, and the super high degree of simulation makes it look cool.
- With foldable butt stock and tactical rails, this nerf blaster is the best shotgun in cqb scenario.
- Use the same shells and ammo type as the UDL xm1014.


Brand: udl
Material: nylon + metal
Ammo capacity: 5pcs
Ammo type: 5cm foam darts
Size: 101*4*25cm
Weight: 1.5kg


Firepower: 100 FPS
Shooting range: 15-20m

Package includes:

1x udl spas12 foam dart blaster
1x butt stock
6pcs shells
10pcs half length darts 5cm
10pcs suction darts 5cm
1x safety glases
1x instructions.

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