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TriggerToy Ruger LCR Foam Blaster

TriggerToy Ruger LCR Foam Blaster

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Experience the thrill of action-packed dart blasting with the Ruger LCR Double Action Revolver Dart Blaster, inspired by the iconic Ruger LCR revolver from Breaking Bad. Crafted with attention to detail, the Ruger LCR 38 Dart Blaster captures the essence of the original firearm. Its double action mechanism ensures a seamless firing sequence, allowing you to unleash your shots rapidly and with finesse. With a weight of just 0.82 lbs, this blaster strikes the perfect balance between portability and stability, giving you full control over each shot.

Measuring at 6.6 inches in length, the Ruger LCR Dart Blaster is compact and ergonomic, fitting comfortably in your hand for extended play sessions. With a shooting range spanning 8 to 10 meters, the Ruger LCR Dart Blaster ensures that no opponent is out of reach. Equipped with the convenience of one-click shell removal, reloading becomes a breeze, ensuring minimal downtime during intense dart battles.

Embrace the spirit of adventure and reenact your favorite Breaking Bad moments or create entirely new scenarios with the Ruger LCR Dart Blaster. Designed for both collectors and dart blaster enthusiasts, this replica captures the essence of the iconic firearm while offering a safe and thrilling dart-blasting experience.

Elevate your dart blaster game to new heights with the Ruger LCR Double Action Revolver Dart Blaster. Dominate the battlefield, showcase your marksmanship skills, and immerse yourself in hours of high-energy dart-blasting fun.

Color: Black/Gold
Firing Modes: Manually
Material: Nylon + Metal
Weights: 600 g
Shooting range: 8-10 M

Package Includes:
1* Ruger LCR Foam Blaster
1* Packet Of Foam Ball
6* Foam Ball Shells

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gerald Price

Definitely fun to play with, the firing mechanism feels solid.

Noah Sanders

The weight and feel are just right, making me feel like I'm right in the action of Breaking Bad. Reloading is super easy, too. Can't get enough of it!