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TriggerToy LH 671 DX-12 Punisher Double Barrel Foam Blaster

TriggerToy LH 671 DX-12 Punisher Double Barrel Foam Blaster

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The LH 671 DX-12 Punisher Double Barrel Foam Dart Blaster is the perfect choice for your dart-blasting needs. With powerful double barrels and 3 shooting options, you can choose to fire left, right, or double barrels in rapid succession at up to 80 FPS. The shells can easily be ejected with a simple fold of the blaster body. Enjoy maximum firepower with the Punisher Double Barrel Blaster.

- the dx-12 punisher is a double barrel shotgun foam dart gun.
- the shells can be ejected out by folding the body.
- 3 shooting options to choose: left, right or double barrel.

Brand: LH
Model: 671
Material: abs plastic
Fire mode: manual
Color: white; gray
Ammo type: stefan short nerf darts
Firepower: up to 80 FPS
Shooting range: 10m
Length: 35cm

Package includes:
1x dx12 punisher foam blaster gun
4pcs shells
10pcs short darts
1x safety glasses

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