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TriggerToy Hellcat Laser Pistol

TriggerToy Hellcat Laser Pistol

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Introducing the Hellcat Micro Compact Laser Tag Gun, equipped with a dual mode feature for versatile gameplay. With a fast response and lightweight trigger, experience realistic blowback action. Utilize glow in the dark cartridge shells for added immersion, and enjoy the precision of the 3.5 MOA red dot sight and quick disassembly compensator.


- Dual mode, it can shoot with or without cartridge ejection.
- fast response and lightweight trigger.
- last round slide lock.
- strong and full length blowback.
- Use glow in the dark cartridge shells.
- with 3.5 MOA red dot sight and quick disassembly compensator.
- double stack magainze storing 11pcs shells.


Material: nylon
Color: black tan / black
Mag capacity: 11pcs
Size: 18*12.8cm
Weight: 500g

Package includes:

1x hellcat laser tag gun
1x mag
11x glow in the dart cartridge

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