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TriggerToy Hanke Flintlock Foam Blaster

TriggerToy Hanke Flintlock Foam Blaster

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Bring history to life with Hanke's Flintlock nerf Blaster! Fire full-length darts, half-length darts, or small round balls with this realistic musket featuring a flintlock simulation and manual loading with a ramrod. Made of durable hard nylon and metal, this blaster is ready to take down your targets!


- this musket nerf gun simulates the flintlock mechanism by pulling and releasing the cock.
- manual loding nerf darts with a ramrod.
- built with hard nylon + metal barrel.
- can use full length or half length darts or small round balls.


Brand: hanke
Material: nylon
Fire mode: manual
Ammo type: full length or stefan short darts
Color: white; black
Shooting range: 10m
Size: 55cm

Package includes:

1x flintlock nerf blaster
1x ramrod
1x nylon rail
1x target
1x safety glasses
5pcs full length nerf darts

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