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SB PDW Pistol Brace Butt Stock

SB PDW Pistol Brace Butt Stock

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Upgrade your rifles with the SB PDW Pistol Brace Butt Stock. This durable nylon stock features a 3-position adjustable and extendable design for a perfect fit. Its leverless extension allows for easy release, and it comes with a proprietary buffer tube for easy installation. Compatible with various rifle AEG gel blasters and airsoft, this black or tan stock also includes a QD attachment point for added convenience. Upgrade your build with this PDW style pistol brace.


- 3-postion adjustable extendable stock.
- Leverless extension, simply pull to release.
- Complete assembly ready to install including a proprietary buffer tube.
- Compatible with M4/hk416/ar15 and other rifle AEG gel blasters or airsoft.
- QD attachment point at 6 o’clock position on housing.


Material: strong nylon.

Colour: Black or Tan.

Weight: 670g.

Package includes: 1x sb pdw butt stock

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