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LDT Gel Blaster Air Seal Oil & Gear Grease Set

LDT Gel Blaster Air Seal Oil & Gear Grease Set

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Expertly maintain your gel blaster with the LDT Gel Blaster Air Seal Oil & Gear Grease Set. Achieve a tight air seal for maximum power, reduce wear and noise with premium grease, and protect your blaster's parts from corrosion. Includes air sealing grease, gears grease, and screw grease in two colors for different screw types.


Air Sealing graese:

Good air seal function, providing high density sealing.
High buffering, reducing the pressure area.
Anti corrosion, protecting o-ring and silicone parts.

Gears grease:

Anti wear.
good adhesion reduce noise.
heat resistance.

Screw Grease:

red one for non removable screws.
blue one for removable screws.

Package includes:

1x air seal grease

1x gear grease

1x lube brush

2x screw grease

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