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JieYing JY Swift Hawk AWM Adjustable Hop Up

JieYing JY Swift Hawk AWM Adjustable Hop Up

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Increase your shooting distance and improve accuracy with the JieYing JY Swift Hawk AWM Adjustable Hop Up. Made with high quality DK Hop Up, this fully adjustable hop up is the perfect fit for JY Swift Hawk AWM sniper gel blasters. Its original muzzle conceals the hop up as it applies back spin on gel balls, giving you precise control.


  • Hop ups increase shooting distance  and improve accuracy by applying back spin on the gel balls as they leave the barrel.
  • High quality DK Hop Up.
  • Fully Adjustable.
  • Perfect fit for jy swift hawk awm sniper gel blaster.


  • Fit to end of barrel with flap on top.
  • Tighten grub screws
  • To increase lift, simply adjust by turning grub screw clockwise to increase angle of the flap.


Brand: DK
Material: 3d print pla
Color: black
Weight: 5g
Length: 46mm
OD: 15.8mm
ID: 9mm
Package includes: 1x jy awm Hop up

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