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Hogue Overmolded Collapsible Butt Stock

Hogue Overmolded Collapsible Butt Stock

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Hogue OverMolded Collapsible Butt Stock


- It's fit for m4/hk416 gel blasters , airsoft and AR15/m16 Mil-Spec Buffer Tubes.
- Sturdy, dependable stock that will add some extra comfort and control to your weapon.
- have a reinforced polymer body with a rubber cheek rest as well as a snag-free rubber/polymer hybrid butt pad.
- Ergonomically designed to create an anti-rattle friction fit that eliminates unwanted movement along your buffer tube. - Improve your accuracy and comfortably shoulder your weapon by installing this


  • Light-weight skeletonized reinforced polymer construction
  • Anti-rattle and beard-safe design
  • Collapses to user's preferred shoulder position
  • Polymer cap provides snag-free shouldering
  • Rubber/polymer hybrid butt pad cushions recoil
  • Multiple swivel sleeve and sling mounting positions
  • Precision fit for military specification buffer tubes (diameter = 1.15" / length = 7.25")


Material: Reinforced Polymer, Overmolded Rubber

Color: green; tan

Package: 1x hogue buttstock (without buffer tube)

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