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FMA F1 Full Face Mask

FMA F1 Full Face Mask

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FMA F1 Paintball Airsoft Gel Ball Blaster Nerf Safety Anti-fog Anti-Dust Full Face Goggle Mask 

  • FMA series mask the lightweight of the new type of carbon material, bridge of the nose is silica gel material, along the direction of the air outlet is opening design, provide maximum ventilation to ensure optimal outdoor sports performance.
  • FMA F1 full face mask part is relatively soft, the use of an adjustable elastic headband, adjustable size.
  • The lens is with a high degree of protection, anti-fog lens, the thickness of 2.5mm, the protection level is not a grade. Double side plus hard tape, PC material. F1 mask ventilation is strong, and the structure of mask, above a huge row of cooling holes, is a design, the facial sweating heat can partially be dissipated,
  • the bridge of the nose is silica gel material, nostril along the direction is opening design, will be exhaled gas excluded in a timely manner, to run on the lens.

Brand: FMA
Model: FM-F0025
Material: pc plastic and Rubber
Weight: 300g

Package List:
1x fma f1 Airsoft Goggle/Mask
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