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CH Long/Short High Speed AEG Brushless Motor 39000RPM 48000RPM

CH Long/Short High Speed AEG Brushless Motor 39000RPM 48000RPM

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Chihai Long/Short High Speed AEG Brushless Motor is expertly designed with hall sensory drive and a STM32 driver chip, providing up to 48000RPM. With low heat output and long service life, this motor ensures stable and powerful performance. The all-aluminum alloy body and precision ball bearings further enhance its durability.


*Hall Sensory Drive.
*STM32 driver chip.
*Brushless, low heat at high output.
*Long service life, battery temperature.
*Emergency stop after power failure, no buffer, stable output.
*Multi-type operation protection.
*Peak 120A MOSFET.
*CNC all-aluminum alloy body-lightweight.
*Full precision ball bearings-4 pieces.
*Dynamic Balancing of Center Shaft Cores.
*6-slot 4-pole inner rotor structure.
*Stepless speed regulation can be adjusted through the potentiometer of the small hole in the tail cover.

Application:Short shaft fits AK47, AK74, AUG, G36, Vector, Thompson, and other AEGs that use short type motors

Long shaft for M4/M16/MP5/G3/P90 series and other long motors Airsoft AEG.


Brand: Chihai Motor
Product Type:CHF-BL480-No.1/2
Magnetic materials:UH grade high performance NdFeB
No Load (RPM):DC: 11.1V-No Load (RPM): 48000
No Load (RPM):DC: 11.1V-No Load (RPM): 39000
Weight: about 140g


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