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1kg 7-8mm Milky White Hardened Gel Balls

1kg 7-8mm Milky White Hardened Gel Balls

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1kg/lot 7-8mm Milky Hardened Gel Balls for gel blasters

they are specially designed for the gel blasters, hardened and not broken, more fun to play, excellent elasticity and quality.

it's the best budget milky white hardened gels in 1kg lot, the hardness has been tested and the feeding is great!

It's safe and non-toxic, be sure to grow in full size before applying them to the blaster.


Material: plastic/sodium polyacrylate hardened
Size: 7-8cm

Color: milky white
Weight: 1kg

Package: 1x bag of gel balls

How to use:  Pour 500 water beads gel balls into a container and inject 450ml of water, need 180Litres water if you want to grow 1kg gel balls. Soak them for more than 3 hours. The Light and heat will shrink the gel ball and return it to the original size.

How to harden gel balls?

Can you harden the gel balls? yeah you can. And how to? Let's see what's gellets first. They are made of a sort of polymer named hydrogel, a similar kind used to make contact focal points. A hydrogel is a polymer that is solvent in water however has reticulations. These reticulations keep the polymer from dissolving.

Provided that you were to add something that would reticulate (make cross-connected polymer chains) the polymer used to create those balls. That being said, its obstruction depends on the polymer chains and its communications, uniquely with itself, since the water is a liquid and has no pressure opposition other than thickness. In static or semi-static circumstances, adding something to the water could make it take more time to expand the balls or shading them, however not make them all the more precisely safe.

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