SJ MK18 Gel Blaster and SJ HK 416 Gel Blaster Review

Ever since the release of the SJ MK18 2.5 version, many enthusiasts have been asking me: What are the differences between the SJ MK18 and the SJ HK416? After all, there's a price difference of about $100 between these two models, so which one offers the best value for money?I'll share my personal experience through 4 aspects.

1.The Original Models of SJ MK18 and SJ HK 416

The SJ MK18 gel blaster is based on the MK18 MOD 0 or MOD 1 carbine used by the United States Special Operations Command. It's a compact carbine, especially suited for close-quarters combat. On the other hand, the HK416 is based on the HK416 assault rifle designed by Germany's Heckler & Koch. It employs a design similar to the American M4 but features an improved gas system for increased reliability and durability.

2.Overall Feel of the Gel Blasters

Let's take a look at the SJ MK18 2.5 version. Since the release of this version, it has upgraded the left-side fire selector, magazine release, as well as the dust cover, shell deflector, and the entire charging handle on the opposite side. Even the internals such as the recoil system and gears are now made of metal. In simple terms, its configuration is actually identical to the HK416.

The previous version of MK18 used nylon gears and components, while the 2.5 version uses metal ones, so it's important to distinguish between the versions. Aside from the major changes, the 2.5 version has also made significant improvements in terms of the exterior feel. Players who have the old version can make a comparison. In terms of playability, the HK416 has features like simulated empty chamber lock and magazine release, which are also present in the MK18 2.5 version, so there isn't much difference between the two. The only minor difference is that the MK18 comes with nylon front and rear sights, while the HK416 comes with a pair of metal sights. Even the internal gearbox is the same for both models.

However, to be honest, if you look at the overall build, from the handguard to the receiver and the stock, the HK416 seems to be a bit more refined. Apart from the difference in the material of the sights and the workmanship, the rest of the price difference comes down to the cost of the molds. To make an MK18, you only need to produce molds for the handguard and the stock, while for the HK416, apart from the handguard, you also need to produce molds for the receiver and the stock. So, overall, the slightly higher price is somewhat acceptable.

3.Details of the Gel Blasters

Let's look at how both models look when fitted with a metal flip sight, a Trijicon holographic sight, a metal honeycomb suppressor, and a tactical battery box with a laser function. This is what the basic top configuration looks like. The finished product of the HK416 looks like this, while the top configuration of the MK18 looks like this. Personally, I feel that the overall form of the MK18 is more slim, and it offers more choices when it comes to accessory compatibility.

4.Real Game Experience Comparison

Since both models use the same gearbox, there isn't much difference. Moreover, the SJ gearbox itself is quite good, and it doesn't require much tuning. Add to that the fact that you can easily upgrade the components, and from a comprehensive positioning and playability perspective, it's easy to see why someone might want to place an order right away. Both these models are among the best gel blasters available in the market today.

That's it for now. Adults never make a decision so I have the two!If you'd like to see comparisons or unboxing reviews of other products, feel free to leave your comments.

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