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In this blog,you will get to know the full list of gel blaster accessories.Good accessories can make you win with half the effort. Bad accessories can get you a bunch of junk after spending a ton of money. So it's really important to get serious about what accessories you need.

The gel blaster accessories are mainly divided into gel blaster related accessories and personal protection tactical accessories. We'll go into more detail about these 2 main types of accessories next.

Gel Blaster Related Accessories

Each part of the gel blaster can actually be purchased individually and it is possible to assemble a completely personal customised gel blaster yourself, but from a generic point of view, there are a few main accessories.


Specific Accessories

Purpose and Benefits


High-grade gel balls, Illuminating gel balls

Improve firing speed and accuracy, allow for gameplay in the dark.

Precision Mods

Hop-Ups, Metal Barrels

Enhance accuracy, range, and muzzle velocity; tailor blaster performance to individual style.

Tactical Gear

Mounts, Sights, Scopes

Offer strategic advantages with improved accuracy over various distances.

Stability Enhancements

Stocks, Slings

Provide stability for precise shooting; improve mobility and ease of carrying.

Ammunition Capacity

High-Capacity Magazines, Hoppers

Increase ammo capacity, reducing the need for frequent reloads.

Power Upgrades

Powerful Batteries, Stronger Springs

Extend playtime and improve blaster performance with higher capacity batteries and increased firing force.

Special Note: It is highly recommended to use high performance batteries from major brands to get better value for money as well as to avoid dangerous situations.

Durability Enhancements

Metal Gears, Anti-Reverse Latch

Enhance blaster longevity and protect internal components from wear and accidental damage.

Ergonomic Enhancements

Custom Grips, Foregrips

Improve handling and comfort for better control and performance.

Aesthetic Enhancements


Add visual appeal and potentially reduce noise, enhancing the gameplay experience.


Gun Lights

Enhance visibility in low-light conditions, improving accuracy and tactical advantage.


It's also cool and popular to use 3D printing to print accessories on the gel blaster. If you also have experience in 3D printing to make related accessories,feel free to share with us.

Personal Protective Accessories (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is crucial in the game of gel blasting. On the one hand, due to the nature of the sport, which involves shooting gel pellets at high speeds, the right protective gear can prevent injuries. Secondly PPE that matches your personal usage habits will help improve your sensitivity as well as better camouflage, thus helping you win the game. Below is a list of essential PPE for gel-bomb shooting game enthusiasts:

Eye Protection

  • Description: Safety goggles or full-face masks that are ANSI-rated (American National Standards Institute) for impact resistance.
  • Purpose: To protect the eyes from being hit by gel pellets, which can cause serious injury.

Face and Head Protection

  • Description: Full-face masks or helmets that cover the entire face and ears.
  • Purpose: To protect the face, ears, and head from gel pellets, reducing the risk of cuts, bruises, or more severe injuries.

Body Armor or Padded Clothing

  • Description: Tactical vests, padded jerseys, or body armor designed for airsoft, paintball, or similar sports.
  • Purpose: To absorb the impact of gel pellets, minimizing bruising and discomfort.


  • Description: Tactical gloves or padded gloves.
  • Purpose: To protect the hands from hits, which can be particularly painful, and provide a better grip on the blaster.

Neck Protection

  • Description: Scarves, neck guards, or balaclavas made from thick, padded material.
  • Purpose: To protect the neck area, which is sensitive and can be vulnerable to painful hits.

Long Sleeves and Pants

  • Description: Clothing that covers the arms and legs fully, preferably made from thick, durable materials.
  • Purpose: To provide an additional layer of protection against the impact of gel pellets.

Additional Recommendations:

  • Footwear: Closed-toe shoes with good grip and ankle support to navigate the playing field safely.
  • Hearing Protection: In indoor environments or close quarters, where the noise level of blasters might be high, earplugs or earmuffs can be beneficial.

You can choose the PPE you want based on your budget and personal habits.

Highly recommend buying tactical accessories from WoSport, this brand is high quality and cost effective. Many small accessory brands are copying WoSport's products!

The gel blaster mainly just has these generic accessories above, but of course there are a lot of players who are customising their personalised accessories, and you can also upgrade your gel blaster and PPE to suit you. But remember, consider your budget. After all, gel blasters cost money too.

If you have any cool experiences to share with us, please contact us today. We can come and showcase your work and experience and can give you a gi

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