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Mid-section: Shotguns and Marksman Rifles


In our previous blog on TriggerToy, we introduced the best primary and secondary weapons from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the corresponded gel blasters and toy guns from Triggertoy. In this Blog, we continue to highlight other excellent options, including shotguns, marksman rifles, and snipers.




Firepower is always crucial. When in close-quarters combat, everyone wants to have a shotgun in hand. Most of the time, a single shot is enough to take down an enemy. In a tactical team, at least one member must be equipped with a shotgun. In Modern Warfare, the Model 680 is a staple in almost every COD game—powerful, stable, and easy to operate. A demolition team must have at least one.

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While we haven’t found a perfect replica of the M680 toy, we do have an excellent alternative for this shotgun—the Franchi SPAS 12. This toy is incredibly popular, available in several colors, and can be loaded with Nerf-like soft darts or gel ball shells. The actions of loading, pumping, and shell ejecting are all perfectly replicated, and it’s entirely compliant with safety standards—it truly is a toy.


Compared to the Model 680, the higher-end shotgun in COD is the 725. Most players choose the 680 because it holds more rounds, while the 725 only holds two at a time. Just like there’s no perfect shotgun, there’s no perfect weapon. The 725 might only have two rounds, but its wide damage spread and long range make it an unbeatable shotgun.

Similarly, TriggerToy offers a replacement for the classic 725 shotgun—the Barreta 1301. With a perfect design, it’s unfortunate that due to recent logistics regulations and the manufacturer’s high performance requirements, the length of this toy gun has raised safety concerns among shippers. Stay tuned to TriggerToy; it might just arrive at your doorstep safely one day.


Marksman Rifles


For precision shooters, the entry-level weapon we recommend in MW1 is the MK2 Carbine. It offers stable output and a beautiful appearance—no one can resist it.

TriggerToy recommends the Winchester 1894, a modern-style gel blaster from the reputable BF factory. We might still be working out some shipping issues, but recently, we’ve been able to offer significant discounts.

A more advanced marksman rifle is the iconic Kar98K. This rifle is a legend in military history. Developed by the German Mauser company before World War II, the Kar98K is renowned for its high accuracy and powerful firepower. In Modern Warfare, the Kar98K boasts excellent range and damage, making it a favorite among players. Its unique mechanical sights and classic design are instantly captivating.

At TriggerToy, we offer a perfect replica of the Kar98K gel blaster. Our Kar98K toy gun not only closely resembles the real firearm in appearance but also offers a highly realistic operating feel. You can experience the thrill of loading, chambering, and shooting, bringing the combat experience to life. For more details, you can check out our partner Kwolfswan.

Well, there you have it, folks! Our top picks for the best rifle gel blasters of 2024. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran, there’s something here for everyone. These toys are all about having a blast (pun intended) while keeping things safe and fun. Happy blasting, y’all!


But remember, even though these toy guns are designed for fun, their realistic appearance and functions mean you should never bring them to public places. It can cause unnecessary misunderstandings and concerns.

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