Best gel blaster:Copies from Call of Duty Morden Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Gun Recommendations and TriggerToy’s Toy Replicas


Primary Weapons and Secondary Weapons


Thinking about rewarding yourself in 2024? Maybe the latest Apple iPad, Xbox Series Z, or PlayStation 6? While these gadgets might be cool, let’s be honest, they will sit quietly in the living room, and even Call of Duty can get repetitive. Most games in your library are only 10% complete, and your eight-year-old son turns it on just to turn it off. 
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How about something more thrilling? As seasoned Call of Duty father-son players, let’s consider getting an airsoft gun. No, that’s too dangerous. A quick Google search reveals countless injuries from airsoft pellets. Instead, let’s go for a gel blaster! These shoot small, colorful gel balls that shatter on impact, causing minimal harm. Even a direct hit to the eye would only result in mild swelling for half an hour, making gel blasters the perfect gift for your eight-year-old. Summer is here, so fill your lush, green backyard with some exciting sounds!
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Most gel blasters on the market look too childish, with their bright colors and plastic feel.


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But we’re looking for something cool for the backyard. Check out, the ultimate destination for top-notch gel blasters, perfect for the Call of Duty trilogy remastered. This is paradise for gel blaster fans, offering replicas that perfectly mimic real weapons.

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Primary Weapons: Assault Rifles



The quintessential American standard-issue weapon in MW1, the M4A1, has been a reliable choice for its stability and versatility. Perfect for short to medium ranges, it can be transformed into a sniper rifle with the right attachments.

On TriggerToy, the M4A1 gel blaster is priced around $200. Although made of plastic, its gearbox is remarkably stable and cost-effective. It’s easy to assemble right out of the box, making it the best choice for arming your cousins in a backyard war game.



Ranked second in MW1, this European 7.62 caliber beast is known for its fierce firepower, high accuracy, and superior range. Its robust and majestic design makes it an ideal choice.

The TriggerToy FN SCAR 17 gel blaster, available from top manufacturers like Jinming, offers the most accurate 1:1 replica. With a foldable stock and a meticulous matte finish, this toy gun feels and performs like an airsoft gun. Its trajectory is also impressively precise.

Scar gel blaster

Second weapon Small machine guns – SMG

Secondary Weapons: Small Machine Guns - SMG



From CS to COD to PUBG, the German MP5 has been a staple in every classic shooting game. It’s lightweight, fast, and accurate, making it a favorite among agile shooters. However, its high firing rate and small magazine capacity are its only drawbacks.



The 2024 MP5 gel blaster on TriggerToy addresses many issues of its predecessors, maintaining its stability while offering a realistic loading mechanism and an extendable stock. Gel blaster fans often buy this for cosplay purposes.




A favorite in MW1, the PP19 solves the MP5’s small magazine issue, giving shooters more confidence in close-quarter battles.

Though the TriggerToy PP19 gel blaster doesn’t have the highest reviews, it is a budget-friendly, 1:1 replica complete with infrared aiming and various attachments. It’s priced attractively around $50 during major sales.

Alright, we’ve covered primary and secondary weapons, but our adventure doesn’t end here. Call of Duty Modern Warfare has plenty more exciting gear to explore, and has got you covered. If you’re curious about the best shotguns, marksman rifles, snipers, and launchers in COD MW1, stay tuned and visit! Happy blasting, y’all!

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