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TriggerToy TTI M2 Gel Blaster

TriggerToy TTI M2 Gel Blaster

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The TTI M2 gel blaster shotgun is a knockoff of the Benelli M2 shotgun, which is famous for its sleek look and pump-action system. Here is a list of its features:

The TTI M2 is designed to look like the authentic Benelli M2, with a black polymer body and details like the pistol grip and foregrip.
TTI M2 gel blaster shotgun It opens into a new window.
The shotgun TTI M2 gel blaster is supplied with 10 shellshots. 

The TTI M2 is a semi-automatic blaster that discharges one gel ball with each pump of the action.
To improve realism, some versions have an electric mechanism that automatically ejects spent shells after each shot. 

This shotgun gel blaster has a 25-meter range and fires gel balls at a moderate velocity, making it ideal for target practice and friendly skirmishes

Overall, the TTI M2 is a well-built and entertaining gel blaster shotgun that is ideal for target practice and recreational use. Just remember to put safety first and have fun!  


Brand: LH
Color: Black/Tan
Firing Modes: Electric
Material: Metal + Nylon
Weights: 2000 g


Shooting range: 15-20 M

Package Includes:

1* TTI M2 Gel Blaster
5* Gel Metal Cartridge
10* Cartridges shells
1* Batter
1* Charger
1* Protection glasses

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