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TriggerToy FL G02 Laser Pistol

TriggerToy FL G02 Laser Pistol

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This is a blowback toy pistol, which means when you pull the trigger the slide moves back and ejecting the shells.

When there is no bullet in the gun, the slide will be locked when the trigger is pressed, Last round bolt hold open.

Compared to the old model, this new toy glock adds a lot of metal parts and becomes more textured.

1:1 reduction can be displayed as a model, Can also be used as a Fidget toy to play.


Brand: FL
Color: Black/Tan
Firing Modes: Semi-automatic
Material: Metal + Nylon
Weights: 600 g

Package Includes:

1* FL- G02 laser tag toy gun blaster
2* Magazine
10* Plastic ejecting shells

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